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Covid - Re-Opening

Rules for one on one Brain Spa-Light Therapy sessions, as of May 25th:

Client must stay in car parked in driveway. Maggie will welcome you in for your session when room is cleaned and set up. There is no touching and 6 feet distancing. After each session Maggie will disinfect all equipment and any areas the client has touched. There is no physical connection to respect and keep the 6 feet distancing. If you need a mask or plastic gloves, Sahaja Sanctuary will provide this for you. After the session, the client must depart right away. Payment is only online. 

Maggie will clean the bodywork and bathroom rooms as required. 

FaceBook Live Meditation every Monday @ 11am (Pacific Time) 


Welcome to Being in the Mindful Zone

People all over the world today are exploring Mindfulness to de-stress and find meaning in their lives. Mindful awareness enables us to bring peace and a feeling of harmony to any business or personal life situation.

Here in the Mindful Zone we offer interactive, hands-on support to individuals and businesses who are choosing to live mindfully.

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Mindful Zone & Sahaja Sanctuary location is at:4553 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria V8X 3V6

(across from Seaview Suites, at Mount Doug Park. Lots of parking. 


Light & Infrared Therapy
Brain Light.jpg

Light strengthens your brain’s neural pathways, connecting the Pineal Gland to higher intelligence. Welcome to your personalized Brain Spa.

Light & Sound Meditation

Deepen higher intelligence by awakening the Gamma brain to harmonize your mind. 

Mandala Movement

Imagine yourself in a dim lit room with eyes closed as a customized 11-layer music playlist guides you through a meditation-in-motion.

Core Vibration Healing
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Discover limitations and blocks being held in the cell, muscles and tissues of your body. Maggie guides you to clear or re-calibrate them into a deeper harmony.

Being Mindful Programs and Talks

A one day program in which you learn simple empowering Mindfulness tools and techniques to guide your life forward on a daily basis, toward inner peace and flow

Embrace your life Mindfully. Maggie offers real tools and techniques

 to naturally awaken our Higher Intelligence. 

Connect with Maggie

​Mobile:  250-888-5814

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4553 Cordova Bay Rd, Victoria BC Canada V8X 3V6