Core Vibration Healing

Maggie discovered her intuitive and visionary abilities at an early age. Her Mindful studies have deepen the wisdom to chanelle insights for others.  During these session Maggie will discover limitations and blocks held in the emotional body and mind memory. When discovered she will clear meridians to recalibration old pattern. 


This back to basic session offers a unique approach, enabling a reassessing from within. Maggie uses her higher wisdom and intuitive questions to connect to new core wisdom deepening the journey for Chakra communication. 

This is excellent for childhood patterns to be released allowing for Mindful expressions to be evoked. You will release fear, depression, anger and sadness. Implementing a natural joy.

30 minute Core Vibration $65.00

60 minute Core Vibration & Light Therapy session $111.00

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826 Maltwood Terrace

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