Core Vibration Healing

Core Vibration is a healing system that discovers blocks and limitations held in the emotional and physical body. From birth to this moment we discover, through the 16 card powerful words of the Core Vibration system, new pathways. These are made to clear and balance all blocks and limitations. This is from your blueprint, DNA, muscle memory and cellular system. All based from your life experiences as a child up to this moment. 


Core Vibration is felt right away. Muscle testing is the foundation that bypasses the mind to access your life files. Files or patterns/beliefs that no longer serve you. When discovered a clearing is given by re-calibrating your meridians that are plugged into your spinal system. We clear using a hematite stone which is magnetized. This will release old inner childhood patterning as well as old beliefs still causing you pain. Together we open up new pathways of how to think, feel, and be. Core Vibration awakens your natural wisdom from higher intelligence. Right away a profound awareness of peace and clarity is felt. This is in real time, this is your core vibration. 

Maggie Calder learned this system from her journey while living in Thailand. Refining it today to fit our busy lifestyle. A session with Maggie or class will allow your to learn and know the wisdom of who you are today in a fresh new way. Joy and Love is the foundation of your inner Core Vibration. 

Core Vibration Healing Session

This life changing session will reveal any limitations and blocks held in the emotional and physical body. Maggie will guide you throughout the session as well as clearing all of the old files in your mental and physical life renewing them to fit for today.

Core Vibration Introduction

This class is a requirement for the Core Vibration Certification. You will learn how the Core Vibration system works. Beginning with the muscle sway test discovering what is a YES and NO from your body/mind communication and experiences. This is your life filing system. Core Vibration is a 16 card word map that allows you to discover what is your blocks in the body held in your Chakra flow. You will find all limitations now in this lifetime as well as others. When discover you will learn to clear them re-calibrating your body/mind/soul connection. This is higher intelligence felt right away.

Core Vibration Certification

Is the foundation of the introduction class. During this class you will learn the what, how, and why of each card and what pathway it opens into for the body/mind/soul fields. You will learn how to create and implement a Core Vibration healing session. Teaming up in groups to learn how to give a session and receive one. 


Certification: You must participate into bother classes to receive the Core Vibration Certification. One both is learned you will be assigned to implement 8 sessions to friends and/or family. This will give you full understanding of Core Vibrations power and healing support. You will be required to give a session to Maggie Calder for her to experience your learned skills. When achieved you will receive the Core Vibration certification as a practitioner.  

For more information and/or BOOK NOW at: OR 250-888-5814

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