Mindfulness is to be and live in the HERE & NOW. It is higher intelligence in action.

Mindfulness & Brain Talk with Maggie


The 30 minute talk offers a business and personal group Mindful tools and techniques to live and be Mindful. This is excellent for business lunch meetings bringing Mindfulness into the work place.


The 60 minute talk is an introduction to the one day Being Mindful Program. Participants will learn Mindful tools and techniques and deepen this wisdom ending with a guided Light Therapy Meditation. This deepens inner wisdom and connection to our natural peace and stillness. Excellent for de-stressing.  

These are FREE Introduction talks...Love Offering is welcome.

Past Talk 2019 Victoria Canada Locations:

Metaphysical Group ~ Nerour Motion Brain Clinic ~ Body/Mind/Spirit Expo ~ Victoria Chamber Association

Being Mindful One Day Program







A full day of learning Mindful tools and techniques. This interactive program will give each participant deeper wisdom to listen from within and know how to respond to life rather than react. This program covers:  


1: Mindfulness

This illustrates and offers ways how, each day of your life, you can embrace an awareness and develop a practice of success, instead of limitation.

2: Personality

This is based on our conditioning and beliefs. Explore the unlimited possibilities of your Higher Intelligence, available through living Mindfully through your personality.

3: Observer

Becoming clear, find your center and feel empowered. Each moment lived Mindfully leads to exceptional connection to life and to one's reality.

4: Wisdom

Learn to use your intuition as a foundation for personal and professional success. Intuition is only accessed in the 'here and now'. Being Mindful in each moment leads to awareness and consciousness beyond just the mind. This often leads to greater insights and effective ways to perceive issues, opportunities and solutions.   


During this day each section has interactive one on one experiences learning meditation and stress tecquess. A natural Happiness is found.

At your location or the Mindful Zone office. Per person is $111.00 including manual.

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Being Mindful Program will transform most any individual or businesses from acceptable to exceptional. 



Light, Sound Guided Meditation

re-calibrate & balance your mind and body 


This Mindful group meditation begins with a Mindful topic discussion to deepen wisdom within. Maggie will guide us into a light and Tibetan Sound bath to clear our Chakra body while re-calibrating our mind and body connection. This is excellent to balance a busy lifestyle.

The Light Brain Spa therapy is set as a group collective requirement tested personally by Maggie through her skill of channeling and muscle testing. This is a power way to harmonize the emotional and physical body connection. 


Handmade Tibetan bowls are tuned to the different Chakra system. When played they awaken that Chakra giving them permission to spin in perfect harmony with your other Charka's. This sound bath allows the body to communication in peace and stillness. Each bowl hold the properties of silver, copper, iron, tin and lead.


You will awaken higher intelligence to restore a deeper inner connection.

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