Mindfulness is to be and live in the HERE & NOW. It is higher intelligence in action.

Mindfulness and the Brain with Maggie


This 60 minute talk is an introduction to the one day Being Mindful Program. Participants will learn Mindful tools and techniques and how it affects our brain. Often deeping inner wisdom for personal and business success. This is an intro to the Being Mindful one day program.






Being Mindful Half Day Program

A half day offers Mindful tools and techniques. In this workshop, participants learn how to access their innate ability to experience themselves as Mindful, moving beyond their limited intellectual thinking mind.  Know how to respond to life rather than react.


There is a wealth of research that shows how the practice of Mindfulness leads to peace of mind, better sleep, higher productivity at work, increased concentration and focus, improved relationships, and more happiness and contentment.


This program covers:  


1.  Awareness - The ability to directly know and perceive. To be conscious of something. To feel or be cognizant of events.

2. Mindfulness - To be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing. Focused in the moment we are experiencing, without judging it, without connecting it to past experiences or future expectations.


It is a quality that every human being already possesses. We don't need to learn how to create it only how to access it. 

3. Intuition - An immediate understanding of or knowing something, without rational reasoning.  Insight without judgement. A spiritual perception.

Living Mindfully creates a new behavioral patterns of higher intelligence that allow us to let go of negativity and feel more gratitude.  This awareness moves us beyond limiting conditioned through inviting expansion into greater insights and more positive, effective ways to perceive issues, opportunities and solutions.

We cannot control what is happening around us....yet we can control how we respond to what's happening, using Mindfulness.

Being Mindful Program will transform any personal or business from acceptable to exceptional. 



Tibetan Mindful Meditation

re-calibrate & balance your mind and body 


This Mindful group meditation begins with Maggie offering group channeled satsang (sanskrit meaning sitting in truth). This open conversation sets the pathway for Maggie to play the Tibetan Sound Bath that will balance our Chakra Body and our energy systems. Often Maggie will include a Brain Spa light set at Gamma brainwave for deep meditation healing. This is excellent to balance a busy lifestyle.

Maggie's handmade Tibetan bowls are tuned to the different Chakras. When played they awaken that Chakra giving them permission to spin in perfect harmony with your other Charka's. This sound bath allows the body to communication in peace and stillness. Each bowl hold the properties of silver, copper, iron, tin and lead.


You will awaken higher intelligence to restore a deeper inner connection.

BOOK NOW Cost $20.00 per class

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