Light Therapy

Strengthening your brain and body connection, enable you to experience life in harmony from an effectant brain function. 

Light links the brain's neural pathways, creating frequencies or Hz which promote wellness in clearer focused thinking and decision making.

Mindful Zone ~ Brain Spa ranges from:

Delta ~ 4Hz to 20Hz, healing the body 

Theta ~ 4Hz to 8Hz, understanding our thoughts

Alpha ~ 8Hz – 12Hz, knowing what to do with your thoughts

Beta ~ 12Hz – 38Hz, creative thinking and interaction

Gamma ~ 40Hz to 200Hz, grounded, centred at peace

Schumann Frequency ~ is earth plant life, nature no human brainwave 

Numerous people have experienced that these sessions help with alleviating depression, anxiety, PDHD, ADHD, PTSD, stress, creative blocks, mood swings, anger, road rage and more.

Additionally, Light Therapy is known to help stimulate creativity, bring clarity, clear foggy thinking and to invoke feelings of happiness and inner well-being. Clients report feeling peaceful, having a sense of being pleasantly grounded in their bodies, and more deeply connected within themselves following these 30-minute sessions.


Infrared Therapy

This gift supports the electric magnetic field in the body. The fascia that is between the skin and the muscles. This allows flexibility and body flow. It is excellent to reduce pain and body discomfort. As a gift we offer Infrared with all our Light Therapy sessions. 

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Session offered in Victoria-Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.

Sessions offered in Langford-Monday

Maggie Calder is a North American Distributor 

When you purchase Light and Infrared units through Mindful Zone, Maggie Calder offers you free training. You will learn how to work the Light and Inferred system to offer yourself and others Light sessions. You will also learn about the brain and how to support the development of brain wellness. This training is 2-hours in total.


Cost for the Light Machine: $5,555.00 USD

Cost for the Inferred Unit: $1,000.00 USD


Contact us at: - 250-888-5814

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