Meet Maggie Calder

Being with Maggie deepens inner wisdom. Since 2002 her passion is to offer Mindful knowing and Brain Spa wellness. Maggie's extensive private studies are founded with Eckhart Tolle, Sri Mooji, Master Monk Bhasakorn and many more.


As a nun-monk Maggie was known by Meytiwee. This time was to learn dharma, karma teachings. She lived in a Jungle temple in Northern Thailand, a monastery in Bali, Cambodia and Portugal. She spent many years at Rammanashai temple in India. All deepening her wisdom and teachings of Truth for spiritual and physical existence.

Her extensive studies focused on the mind and body relationship. This giving her higher wisdom to offer the services she does today. She is committed for you to also receive this wisdom based in higher intelligence in action.


Her eclectic personal and business background as a motorcycle racer, chef, public speaker, author and owner of two retreat centers in Chicago U.S.A. and Kelowna Canada.


All her work is based in the Brain and Body intelligence.

Contact Maggie Calder, she would love to hear form you.


Monk Bhasakorn

Sri Mooji

Eckhart Tolle

Caroline Myss



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