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Meditation CD

A Guided Meditation CD

Maggie and her engineer spent months in the recording studio to bring you this fantastic guided meditation CD. The first tracks are active meditation. We have given you a free 5min when you sign up for our Newsletter. The second tracks are guided 5 - 10 - 20 minute meditations. The final 20 minute track Is Maggie playing while in meditation her sacred instruments. This is excellent to listen at anytime.


Montessori school in Chicago uses this as a standard teaching tool.

CD Love Offering: $5 - $10 OR MP3 soon - scholarship fund

Scorpion in my bed book

Maggie wrote this 5,000 word booklet to share of her experience when she first went to Thailand. The journey in the book is her being invited to study and live at the jungle temple with the monks. Maggie shares how at her rest time in the temple, she had a scorpion in her bed and how it brought her a profound teaching and wisdom that changed her life forever. This delightful story is visual emotional and most of all inspirational.


All the money from this booklet is given to the Mindful Zone scholarship fund. To support anyone who can not afford to attend classes to come and learn the Ancient wisdom and Lifetime search of Maggie's spiritual journey.

Booklet: $5  - scholarship fund

Brain Superfood Juice

The Perfect Combo

What is Brain Super Juice - it is a way for better brain function.

Repairs damaged cells and body function while reducing stressed from the body flow. This superfood brain juice recalibrates the neural brain communication, joint system and digestion.


Think of your body receiving high quality berries, herbs and Aloe to bring balance and health to the whole body system. It is here for you. 


Connect with Maggie at her ID #20051979.

Contact her for free samples at: maggie@mindfulzone.ca 

Light and Infrared Machines

When you purchase Light and Infrared units through Mindful Zone, Maggie Calder offers you free training. You will learn how to work the Light and Inferred system to offer yourself and others Light sessions. You will also learn about the brain and how to support the development of brain wellness. This training is 2-hours in total.

Maggie Calder is proud to be the Ambassador for Canada & USA for Light and Infrared. Maggie personally worked with the creator and developer.  We will provide a free initial training to demonstrate the programming and beneficial use of each device purchased.

Cost is $5,555 U.S.A. dollar for each device. 

Contact us at: maggie@mindfulzone.ca 

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