Tibetan Sound Bath Mediation

By playing the Tibetan bowls, Maggie creates a harmonic sound bath that resonates with your core energy. Voice and/or Light Therapy is added to deepen the experience.  This practice brings forth the natural Self in the moment. It provides opportunities to ground, center, and clear inner connections. Often insights to life issues are found, awakening an already existing inner peace and natural happiness.


The first experience we have, as an infant is “sound” this is our mother’s heartbeat. This beat is comforting, calming and gives us a profound connection to life. We know sound, it is familiar to us. We connect to sound in a non-verbal way, and it feels good.


The Tibetan’s understood the healing prosperities of sound. For thousands of years they have been using sound for meditation, healing and connection to our intelligent Self.  Over hundreds of years these houses have been perfected to resonate with the 7 Chakra systems in the human energy field. Each Chakra has a color and sound. Each bowl is tuned to a Chakra and when played that Chakra intelligently understand its own sound and harmonizes with it. When all 7 Chakra are in harmony or aligned the person feels more grounded, clear and at peace.


Sound Bowl Bath meditation is a delightful way to bring the body back to its’ natural State the Sahaja Sate. As the bowls are being played, Maggie brings us within using breath. The breath is the process that allows our attention to move from a contracted state of being to an expanded one. The singing bowls, Maggie’s peaceful voice and guidance are a combination of harmony to the soul.


During a session or class, we sit in a chair or on the floor. It is to be comfortable for the group. Maggie channels a topic offering guidance in the meditation to release stress, fears and old trauma held in the emotional and physical body. Often many say it is blissful and calming.


When Maggie plays the bowls and she finds a bowl out of tune, she knows someone in the group needs that Chakra balancing guiding Maggie to play that bowl in support. The body responses by resonating back to the bowl sound harmonizing the body system. The body has just released old records of pain to a fresher way of being.  This is excellent to re-set our system.


After a session with the Tibetan Sound Bath, clarity is present to address life in a fresh new way. The only rule is to follow the breath in and out and allow the singing bowls to create the experiences of optimal wellness. A wonderful way to find your natural Self.


The frequency of the Tibetan Sound Bath comes from the bowls metals of: gold, silver, copper, Iron, Tin, and Lead that vibrate at tones the same as our Chakra system. When reimbodied the whole body and mind begins to clear bringing optimal wellness and peace to the mind. Our Chakra bodies begin to spin in perfect harmony. 



1 ~ “F” Root/Lum – Fear & Survival – Color: Red, Element: Gold, Planet: Sun

2 ~ “C” Creative/Vum – Guilt & Pleasure – Color: Orange, Element: Sliver Planet: Moon

3 ~ “G” Emotional/Rum –Shame & Willpower – Color: Yellow, Planet: Mercury

4 ~ “D” Heart/Yum –Grief & Love – Color: Green/pink, Element: Copper, Planet: Venus

5 ~ “A” Throat/Hum –Lies & Truth – Color: Blue, Element: Iron, Planet: Mars

6 ~ “E” 3rd Eye/Om –Illusion & insight – Color: Indigo, Element: Tin, Planet: Jupiter

7 ~ Crown/Ahh – “B” – Ego Attachment & Spirit – Color: Violet, Element: Lead, Planet: Saturn


The power of sound:

Have you’re ever listened to birds singing and feel the joy within from the bird’s song? The body remembers this. We are part of nature and when connected a calming happens giving us a life experience of kindness. Sound meditation is powerful. On a regular basis it can change all pain to pleasure.

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